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Mangrove Swamp

Natasha offer Mangrove Swamp Experience on private or sharing boat. Make online booking.


Beras Basah Island

Beras Basah could be access by boat. Many activities that you can do overthere...


Payar Island

Payar Island Marine Park is heaven for snorkelling and diving. Hald day experience by boat. Book early...


Places of Interest

Gunung Raya

Take a drive up the highest mountain in Langkawi, Gunung Raya. There is the Malaysian telecommunication satelite (MEASAT) tracking station at the peak but that is obviously out of bounds. What is within bounds is a quaint tea house, pleasant cooler weather and most important the awe inspiring scenery. On a clear day, you would be able to have a birds eye view of the whole of Langkawi and the surroundings isles, right up to the coast of Thailand. You will but agree on the magnificence of the isles.


You would also come across countless monkeys, lemurs and a fascinating insect life around the mountain. Keep a look out for hornbills. The Mountain is also home to the "Jewel Orchid'.


The Underwater World

Featuring one of the largest oceanariums in Asia. On display are over 5000 marine and freshwater fish and other aquatic life. Of particular interest is the walk through tunnel which houses sharks.


Payar Island Marine Park

The Payar Marine Park situated on a Reef Platform is reputed to be the best marine park in Malaysia. The marine park boasts of crystal clear water teeming with an abundance of marine life forms. It has facilities for scuba diving, snorkelling and coral viewing. There are qualified dive masters ready to guide you if it is your first time.


If you which to stay dry, there is always the under water observatory at the reef platform or many glass bottom boats. Or you can go ashore on Payar see the teeming varieties of fish including baby sharks at the beach. Try feeding the fish from you bare hands.


Ancient Tomb

Along the Ulu Melaka road, is this ancient tomb of an unknown person. The age of the tomb has not been determined. What is interesting is the measurement from the head-stone to the food-stone is around 7 feet.


Galeria Perdana

This magnificent gallery showcases all the memorabilia received by the Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed from around the world, from handmade craft, islamic art, gold and silverware and even cars.


Crocodile Farm

Thanks to this farm, the man-eating crocodiles no more lurk the swamps of Langkawi. There are more than 1000 crocodiles of various species displayed here. Catch this ancient mindless eating machines in a frenzy during feeding time.


Ayer Hangat Village

Finds its origin in the classic tale of the Clash of Titans (Mat and Raya). You will find a 18 meter hand carved riverstone mural of the classic fight. The place is now picturesque hot springs. The hot springs here gently spurts hot seawater via small well. The locals used to collect salt which forms at the edge of well.


Kompleks Kraf Langkawi

Offers a wide range of Malaysian handicrafts, delicate hand painted batik and immaculate silverware.


Lagenda Park

A tastefully landscaped theme park with figurines and sculptures based on local folklore and history, set against beautiful ponds and a lagoon. The tropical garden is truly beautiful.


Eagle Square

The magnificent eagle greets all arrivals from sea to Langkawi. Beautifully designed with ponds and intricately covered terraces and illuminated at night, it is a major attraction for scenic photography.


Makam Mahsuri

The final resting place of the righteous and beloved Mahsuri. See the traditional Malay house and live musicians. Also the actual well which Mahsuri used.


Padang Beras Terbakar

After the murder of Mahsuri, the Siamese invaded Langkawi with utter ferocity. In a frantic effort to prevent the enemy from gaining control and to hope that they would starve, Dato' Seri Kerma Jaya ordered all the stock pile of rice be collected and buried in a secret store and burnt. When it was later uncovered it was found to be all charred.


Laman Padi

Literally means "Rice Garden'. Visitors are able to view all aspects of paddy cultivation. There is also Rice Mesuem which exhibits fascinating items on the evolution of paddy cultivation. Experience the real stuff and go right into a paddy field. There is also a traditional herb garden and later try mouth watring rice-based dessert at the restaurant.


Oriental Village

Spend a day shopping or window shopping at the shopping concept in the region. Look for the latest in designer items from throughout the world here. Good restaurants. This place is located beside Sky Cab Langkawi.