• Gunung Raya is the highest peak in Langkawi, Malaysia

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  • Langkawi Sky Cab is a must-go place in Langkawi

  • Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi, Malaysia

The Island

The main inhabited islands are Langkawi itself and Pulau Tuba.


An Ancient Land

That Jurasic Era and that was only about 160 million years ago!


The Towns

Kuah is the biggest town on the main island is a bustling centre with..


Welcome to Langkawi, Malaysia, the best of truely Asia

Welcome to the Magical and Mystical Island of Langkawi. This website is written with the sole purpose of bringing you closer to this beautiful and ancient enchanting cluster of islands. It will reveal its wondrous, mythical and legendary past. unveil its secrets only known to a few locals, and really explores the best this land has to offer.

With it you will begin to appreciate the charm that it emanates, with this appreciation you will feel and breathe in, this island and its beautiful beaches, its paddy field, it's buffaloes, the altra ancient tropical rainforests, its mythical heroes from time immemorial, who had connections to King Solomon, it's people and unique culture unknown elsewhere on this planet.

The Island

Langkawi, derives its name fro the words "helang", which mean eagle and "kawi" which is and ancient Malay word for "strong".



It comprises of a cluster of emerald islands that stand out from the edge of the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea and the Straits of Malacca. It is in fact an archipelago of about 99 islands, At low tide (or more so, depending on how much duty free whisky you have been guzzling), some say that the actual count stands at 103 - 107 islands. The main inhabited islands are Langkawi itself and Pulau Tuba.


Nestled against a backdrop of ultra ancient mountains, lakes, rainforest, cascading waterfalls and beaches of unrivalled beauty, Langkawi does possess a unique heals, sooths and refreshes, as a renowned international traveler wrote.



Ode to Langawi

To the old you revitalize

To the youthful you invigorate,

To the wiery and tired you sooth,

To the sad broken heearted you mend,

To those who romance, you encourage,

And to those dastardly travel agents, it's a safe bet!




An Ancient Land

Without going too much into the geological details, which we are sure you really don't want to know, Langkawi is one of the oldest island on this planet. The matcincang Range of mountains boast of rock formation that go back to the Per-Cambrian Era, which mean that it is more than 570 million years old.



For those who don't quite understand this, remamber Hollywood's hilarious comedy classic - 'Jurasic Park'. That Jurasic Era and that was only about 160 million years ago!


If I were you, I would allocate a couple of minutes of your personal time and let your mind ponder over the age of this ultra ancient land that you are standing now. Really unbelievable isn't it? But its true! Welcome to Langkawi - Selamat Datang.


Main island of Langkawi itself measuring about 478.5 sq km, is still very much undeveloped. Almost as large as the island of Singapore, it is still very much rural landscape with villages and paddy fields.



The Towns

Kuah is the biggest town on the main island is a bustling centre with modern hotels and shopping centres. Local throng the market and shops around town to browse, bargain and purchase, pausing at stalls and open cafes for a cool drink or a tempting bite.


Padang Matsirat is the other busy town that caters to the needs of the locals living on the western part of the island.


Its People & Culture

Iys unique and ethnic diversity is a result of an ancient and colourful history. It was shapped by a legacy of myths, which were subjected to an ancient trade with China and India, and is laced and flavoured by its close proximity with Thailand.



Langkawi boasts of a harmonious multicultural community, comprising of predominantly Malays and followed by Chinese, Indians and others races.


It;s about one of the very few places on earth, which prides itself in having a diversity of cultures living hand in hand as one.


Unlike other experienceist destination in South East Asia, most people here speak good English. The locals are very accommodating and helpful. This is true Langkawiian style hospitality.