• Parasailing at Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

  • Banana Boat at Pantai Beras Basah, Langkawi

  • Sunset at Pantai Cenang

  • Another sunset view

  • White sandy beach

  • Sunset dinner could be arranged an the beach

Top 3 Beaches - Cenang

Loads of watersports such as jet sky, banana boat and parasailing. People crowd.


Top 3 Beaches - Tengkorak

Suitable for picnic an swimming because the water is clean and clear. Less people but there are monkeys arround.

Top 3 Beaches - Rhu

The scenery is perfect, not suitable for swimming, no water sport. People; average. Photography is an ideal place.

The Exquisite Beaches

Langkawi's beaches are legendary in their pure and pristine romantic beauty. Romantic - because of their scenic beauty, fringed with swaying coconut palms and casuarina trees. There are numerous beautiful beaches, with warm white sands. Spend a day basking and soaking up the warm tropical sun and or enjoy the numberous water sports available.



Cenang Beach : Is the busiest beach on the island. It has many budget motels and elegant restaurants. It is about 19 kilometers from Kuah. This beach offers lots of water sport.



Pantai Kok : This beach boats of white and swaying plams. It faces the Andaman Sea. This was the location of the sgooting of Hollywood's "Anna And The King".




Pantai Teluk Burau : Consist o a rugged coastline with lush tropical vegetarian. This is also a place to do a spot of bird watching. This area was one the favoured area of the hornbill and other migratory birds.


Pantai Batu Hampar : This beach surrounds the The Ritz Carlton, is an idyllic beach with many rocky outcrops, shaded by coconut palms. There is also a stretch of Mangrove.



Tanjung Rhu : Most definitely one of Langkawi's best beaches. Fringed by tall casuarina trees, with boats for hire, an equestrian centre and fresh iced coconuts and mangroves. This is a beach you must not miss in Langkawi. A word of caution, the underwater currents here can be strong sometimes.



Pantai Pasir Hitam : This was the site of an ancient fishing jetty. This beach is picturesque with black sands. The black sands is due to tin and other mineral deposits.


Pantai Datai : A very fine beach indeed. With a gently beach and clear blue waters.



Pantai Pasir Tengkorak : On the shores of the Pantai Tengkorak Tropical Rainforest Reserve is this once a ipon a time infamous beach used by pirates. Strategically this beach coes make an ideal pirates cove. Literaly translated it means 'Beach of Sandy Skulls'. The waters here are clear and its really scenic.


The only 'pirates' you would encounter here nowadays, are the monkeys, who seem rather adamant in 're-living' the pirates activities. If you do happen to see a band of these marauding 'bandits', don't leave any food of drinks unattended! Unless you want to feed them.