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  • Oriental Village, the shopping mall.

  • Craft Complex, Langkawi


Explore hand drawn batik and learn how it was produced. Visit Complex Craft Langkawi


Wood Carvings

These can be ery elaborate and elegant carvings of flowers and trees. Very rare in Langkawi



Available at Complex Carft Langkawi. Real Malaysia crafts that you can bring back home


The Arts of Langkawi

The intriguing and magnificent hotchpotch cultural heritage of this island is atched in its art.


Art is sheer poetry of the heart

The handicrafts available to be the best in Malaysia as they go back thousands of years. The craftsmen, immortalize ideas and themes of a romantic and nature loving people in their masterpeice. Most of the product will serve two functions - ornamental and functional.


Of the product that are commonly seen are :-


Pandan and Mengkuang Weaving - Pandan (pandanus) and Mangkuang (Screwpine), leaves are weaved into beautiful and rustic table mats, food covers, hat, baskets and floor mats.


Wood Carvings - These can be ery elaborate and elegant carvings of flowers and trees. These relief carvings are normally hung for wall decorations be used as dividers or whole blocks of furniture as well.



Pottery - range from vases to gourd shaped jars call 'labu'. These water jars keep water cool in the dry and hot period seasons. This is a good buy; ideal for keeping cocktails and lemonade in the summer.


Silverware - These are products of master craftsmen, where the skill is handed down from generation to generation. The motifs are individually chiseled on to the prepared and moulded silver. Perfect for the mantel piece.


Pewter - One of the prides of Malaysian craftsmanship. Pewter is and alloy of cooper, tin and antimony. Featuring tableware, cutlery, ornate statues and figurines right up to a chess board and men. Definite potential for an after dinner conversation back home.


Batik - Reputed to be the best in the world. Batik is created by four methods; drawn free style; block printed; tie-dyed and silk-screened. Its is fashioned and tailored into readymade sarongs and other attire, handkerchiefs, hats and scarves. Batik paintings are fast coming to be contemporary wall collections worldwide.



Rattan and Bamboo - Bammboo na drattan make a lasting realtionship that results in really beautiful furniture and many other beauties both big and small.