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Explore Langkawi

99 islands in the sun

Explore Langkawi with style and satisfaction.

We have four segmens as a guideline for you to explore Langkawi to maximize your holiday.

Langkawi has many things to offer. With Langkawi surrounded by the sea, there are various water-based activities to indulge in.

Langkawi Geopark

What is Langkawi Geoppark? The Kilim Karst Geoforest Park consists of three river estuaries that stretch from Kisap village approximately 10&km to Tanjung Rhu, and they are all interconnected.

Seven Wells Waterfall.

Fly over Langkawi's beautiful rainforest on a thrilling zipline adventure. Get ready for a fast-paced adventure featuring ziplines, bridges and abseiling

  1. Introduction of the Island of Langkawi. Welcome to the Magical and Mystical Island of Langkawi. This website is written with the sole purpose of bringing you closer to this beautiful and ancient enchanting cluster of islands.
  2. The Mysteriuos Legends. If one is seeking a dream vacation, this is it! Let your mind wander to the core of fantasy, indulge yourslef in a bit of fairy tale.
  3. An Ancient Ecological Paradise. Journey into the forbidden paradise - the virgin rainforests of Langkawi, with the countless species of endemic plants and animals, coexisting for hundreds of millions of years in an unspoiled jungle.
  4. The Mangrove Swamp. The eco-system that exist in this strange mangrove forest is one of the existing wonders of this planet and while here in Langkawi this definitely is 'must' place to visit.
  5. The Exquisite Beaches. Langkawi's beaches are legendary in their pure and pristine romantic beauty. Romantic - because of their scenic beauty, fringed with swaying coconut palms and casuarina trees.
  6. Mysterious Caves. As mysterious as the hidden treasure above, are the caves of Langkawi The huge outcrops of limestone that make up the majority of the hills in Langkawi, houses hundreds of caves, well worth exploring.
  7. Waterfalls. It is said that these fairies usually bathe in this mountain stream in the wee hours of the morning. They sometimes leave behind their toiletries. Usually it is a couple of "limau purut" ( akind of sweet aromatic lemon, the juice of which is used to scrub the body) and "sintok" (a kind of root used as a shampoo)
  8. Places of Interest. You would also come across countless monkeys, lemurs and a fascinating insect life around the mountain. Keep a look out for hornbills. The Mountain is also home to the "Jewel Orchid'.
  9. The Arts of Langkawi. The handicrafts available to be the best in Malaysia as they go back thousands of years. The craftsmen, immortalize ideas and themes of a romantic and nature loving people in their masterpeice. Most of the product will serve two functions - ornamental and functional.
  10. Shopping. Langkawi having been recently declared a duty free island has now become a regional hub for duty-free shopping. The main shopping is usually in the town of Kuah, where there is a vatiety of products at unbelieveable prices.
  11. Langkawi by Night. Langkawi is famous with night market. For certain days in a week, there are one or two night market held in Kuah, Temoyoung and Ayer Hangat.
  12. Fun Things To Do. This is one of the favorites for tourists. The usual trip last for about four hours and it will take you to three islands. The three islands are likely to be Pulau Beras Basah, where you can stop for a spot of swimming.
  13. Local Transport. Grab Car and My Car is available in Langkawi. Their service is a lot more cheaper than other type of transport in same level. The car is newer and the driver is polite.
  14. Scooters and Car Rental. There are numerous car rental companies in Langkawi. The rate is around RM80 - RM300 per day, depending on the class of vehicle which is available athe the airport, Jetty Point or alternatively contact your hotel.

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